The Importance Of A Person 's Life More Revered Than The Others? Essays

The Importance Of A Person 's Life More Revered Than The Others? Essays

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Why are some moments in a person’s life more revered than the others? When we look back at our life, we tend to remember moments that give us immense amount of happiness, sadness, joy, or inspiration. These are moments wherein we have experienced a surge of emotions. Many visual artists have been capturing such instances and depicting them through their artwork. They have been doing so since many centuries; however, as time passed artwork made from perishable materials failed the test of durability and were lost to time. Hence, majority of the art work that survived from the past are sturdy stone carved sculptures. Predominantly carving on stone, sculptors began a shift in the range of materials used as modernism came to light. However, there were some who preferred the old ways. One of them was sculptor Christian Peterson, a well-known 20th century sculptor who became the first permanent artist in residence of an U.S. university or college at Iowa State University (ISU). Of his many works which enhance the esthetics of ISU, "Library Boy and Girl" is one rock sculpted piece of artwork placed at the stairway entrance to the second floor of Park’s library. In this stone piece, Peterson depicts the adolescence and awkwardness that a boy is going through in the presence of a girl he probably has a liking for and how the girl has a calm composure in response to the boy’s glances. By portraying this common occurrence, Peterson’s artwork is relatable and attention grabbing towards his audience who upon inspection can find elements of blankness on the girl’s face, meticulousness in every aspect of the sculptures, and inconclusiveness in their story.
Stone sculpting is one of the oldest art forms which became popular due to its imperis...

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...d she ignore the boy? Would she give a smile back? Would she stare back at him without any expression?
Looking at “Library Boy and Girl” we cannot decisively conclude what will happen next. The audience is left to imagine all possibilities and people would be inclined to think of the outcome depending on their mood or personality. Those who have been in a similar situation would imagine themselves in the shoes of either and replay a scene taking cues from their personal experience. Some might even say that the girl is showing arrogance and not giving heed to the boy’s behavior. If the girl had been truly noticing the boy for a while then one would definitely expect her to show some sort of reaction which we cannot observe from her body language. Peterson has left us with a bunch of endless possibilities and gets the audience to think every time they see this piece.

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