The Importance Of A Parent 's Guidance

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Children’s brains can be considered sponges because it’s able to suck up a vast amount of information and store it with ease. The only dilemma that many are having is finding the best way to help them use the information they’ve gathered whether its threw spoken advice, parents’ actions or guidance or through the child’s own personal experience. There are many kids who have gained and have been able to implement their knowledge without the help of others, but there are still those few that need a bit of assistance. A parent’s guidance is very important as well, but their main objective is to nurture and take care of their kids and not teach, but certain activities such as cooking is something that parents have to teach their kids in order to survive. Whereas most parents believe that kids can learn doing other activities on their own like riding a bike or doing chores. Spoken advise doesn’t really teach a child to do something rather than it gives them more knowledge on a certain subject matter. Psychological studies have shown that a high percentage of kids learn best through their own personal experience. Mainly because through their personal experience they are able to adapt to new situations and the environment. A good example would be a child’s capability to solve a difficult problem the kid would try to use the knowledge that they’ve obtained over the years in order to try and solve it. Another example would be a doctor performing a difficult surgery on a patient but is having trouble with the procedures, they would have to go off their knowledge of the human anatomy in order to try and solve these problems. Psychologist Lewis Terman was the main believer in the fact that a child’s intelligence is based off of adaption, wh... ... middle of paper ... ...ce which helps them adapt to new environments and situations. In Conclusion, there are many ways for a child to learn although the best way is through personal experience. There are many children who go through life without the assistance from anyone’s help and have become very successful. Going through high school I witnessed that there were kids that didn’t need any help from the teacher, but they just wanted to hog the attention from those that actually needed the assistance. Many times kids learn best by actually doing the work themselves where as other just simply give up and don’t even put forth the effort, but there are those who actually decide to get help like tutors or after school hours with the teacher. The best way for a kid to learn something is through personal experience and knowing that they can accomplish anything that they set their minds to.
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