The Importance Of A Nurse For A Registered Nurse Essay

The Importance Of A Nurse For A Registered Nurse Essay

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There are many different factors that play a role in enhancing stress through demanding/high stress training and jobs including both nursing school and nursing as a lifelong profession. The nursing profession is extremely gratifying, yet challenging because we are there for people when others may not, we listen and advocate for our patients in every circumstance, and we literally hold other people’s lives in our hands. Having said this, it makes sense nurses are one of the most trusted professions in the world. In order to help prepare us for this extremely rewarding, yet intense environment as a registered nurse, we must successfully complete nursing school and pass the National State Board Exam or the NCLEX. Nursing school helps prepare us for the future tasks we will encounter and the work-ethic necessary to succeed as a registered nurse. As difficult as nursing school may become, I am aware it is only preparing me to the best of my ability for life as a registered nurse. Even though things are only going to continue to get tough, I know the importance focusing on your personal well-being is to reduce any stress that may be affecting your life in a negative way. I will emphasize on two precise ways I focus on self-care that help me relieve stress and allow me to live a fully functional, healthy life.
Life is a roller coaster of extreme highs and stressful lows, but there are many ways to help cope with the quantity of stress an individual may feel at any given time. Practicing yoga and maintaining a consistent sleep schedule are two of the many ways I maintain a healthy lifestyle. Participating in things that mean a lot to you even during stressful times is essential when it comes to self-care and health promotion, bec...

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... night person and feel that I accomplish more in the morning than at night. I will turn off all the lights and I’ll be in bed by 9pm every night and have my alarms set in the morning for 5am each day of the week. I will accomplish this by setting a timer or alarm to remind me when I have one hour left to allow myself to unwind and get ready for bed in a relaxing manner. Receiving an adequate amount of sleep and maintaining a regular sleep schedule will not only help me study more efficiently but will allow me to pay closer attention to new material being taught each day during lecture. I would like my body or internal alarm clock to be on this same schedule after a couple months of a consistent sleep and wake schedule to the point where I don’t have to set any alarms. I want to feel rested after each night of sleep and ready to take on the new day.

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