The Importance Of A Nurse Employed On A Transitional Care Unit Essay

The Importance Of A Nurse Employed On A Transitional Care Unit Essay

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As a nurse employed on a transitional care unit, I may be faced with the challenges of responding to natural, manmade, and technological disasters. These consist of but are not limited to; fires, severe storms, power outages, blizzards, and floods. Although any of these circumstances may arise at any time, there are however, necessary steps that I can take to ensure that I am prepared for such emergencies. Everyone including the patients, should be acquainted with the building’s evacuation plan. Emergency numbers should be on hand, and staff need to know where stocked/supportive supplies are located. Furthermore, team members must recognize their roles and limitations. In addition, the nurse identifies what constitutes a disaster for each of her patients. For example, the patient who is ventilator-dependent, an electrical failure would be a critical threat. The nurse must also be aware of the code statuses of her/his patient’s. This information can be attained by looking at the color that is on side of their charts. Red indicates do not recaite and green means that the patient is a ...

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