The Importance Of A Mental Health Center And A Hospital Working With Military Members

The Importance Of A Mental Health Center And A Hospital Working With Military Members

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After completion of the social work program I would like to work in a clinical setting. I would really like to be in a mental health center or a hospital working with military members. I don’t have and preference on the kinds of issues that I would like to work with. As long as I am helping veterans, I will be happy. The reason that I prefer to work under these condition is because I have a passion for working with military members, since I am prior military I feel like I can relate to them and I understand what they are going through. I know that it is very hard for military members to talk to civilian about their problems because civilians just don’t understand, no matter what they say. I will be required to have a diverse set of qualities and attributes in order to work in this setting. I will be challenged with all types of situation, but I am confident that I will be able to handle whatever comes my way. I have to have thick skin, show empathy and all sorts of qualities and emotions. I have worked in a mental health facility before and I thought that is was very structured. The social workers were very professional and were experienced. I know all facility’s re different, but I am under the impression that mental heath facilities and hospitals are structured, and that’s the types of environment I want to be in.

Client and Setting Preference

If I am not working with veterans, I do not want to work with adults. I think that adults are far too dangerous to work with. I have seen several situations where adult react violently to social workers. I have the impression that a lot of adult’s believe that social workers are supposed to do everything for them. I also do not want to work in a school or deal with any issues regardi...

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...hat. The most unsatisfying thing for me is the pay for a social worker. I know a lot of people say that money is not everything, but I have bills to pay. Passion won’t pay my bills. A senior social worker makes about sixty thousand a year here in New York. That is a low salary for me, but I will make up for the salary with passion. I rather do something that I love with little pay, rather than to do something I don’t love for good pay. Money doesn’t bring happiness, but passion does and I prefer to be happy. I will just have to live on a budget.

Outstanding Questions

Three questions that I would like to ask a highly experienced social worker are

1) Do you recommend me pursing a PHD in clinical psychology or social work?
2) What do you think I can do now to better myself in the field of social work?
3) Do you regret choosing to become a social worker for a career?

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