The Importance Of A Job For A College Student Essay

The Importance Of A Job For A College Student Essay

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Student Employment
Everyone is in need of a job during college life. A job provides not only financial help to students, but also practical knowledge in their area of study. When I came to UNM for my undergraduate study, I was in search of a job for financial help. I searched many resources which could help me getting a job, but I was jobless for two months. Finally, I found a resource, which is very helpful for student like me, called as “Student Employment”. I used to think that it will be difficult for a college student to get a job but now, I found that student employment office has made a process of getting a good job related in our field of study easily. They have created an online interface where within few click we can apply for a job. They also help students like us through emails. Their staff will also guide us with the whole process of applying and being hired in their office.
Their online applying system is the reason why most students are able to get a job using their services. Initially, I thought their online system would not be able to handle the request made by thousands of students. But they have got some technicians behind the system making them able to run this online system efficiently. You might think that it would be hard to scan their online database to find a job that suits you but they have some tools which can narrow down your search results. Some of these tools are shown in the picture in the left. Again here you do not need to be a computer expert to use these tools, it 's been simplified enough that anyone with decent computer skills can use it. Basically, all available jobs are listed on the website by employers which gets updated frequently. Before applying for any job, every student must create an ...

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...'s difficult to manage time for the first few weeks. It basically due to lack of time management skills. All of the students I interviewed said that they were easily able to work and study within few weeks of being hired.
Student Employment office is a resource that most student are probably going to use. And despite the large number of students it is able to guide them to find their desired job. Their perfectly managed online system is responsible for that. Support through emails and in their office was great. Their website does lack organization, so searching for any particular information would take some time. Overall any student can benefit from this resource. When, I started this review I was also in search for a job. Now, I am confident that using the services provided by them I will get the job that I want. And you can too with a little effort from your side.

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