Essay about The Importance Of A Healthy Diet Alone

Essay about The Importance Of A Healthy Diet Alone

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A healthy diet alone is not enough for a healthier lifestyle, daily activity and exercise is needed as well. New advances in technology make it possible for the average child to spend their life outside of school on their laptops, video games or anything with a screen if they do not have the chance to do other extra curricular activities at home. By providing better physical education at school, it gives everyone the chance to get exercise. The Surgeon General recommend at least thirty minutes of exercise five days a week. Research shows though that 33% of Americans still disclose that they are completely inactive. In 1969, 40% of students walked to school where as in 2001 that number dropped drastically to 12%. That very same year, physical education was cut (Role of Policy and Government in the Obesity Epidemic). The government also has the power to encourage physical activity outside school as well. At the moment “efforts range from new school board policies and state legislation regarding school physical education requirements and nutrition standards for beverages and foods sold in schools to community initiatives to expand bike paths and improve recreational facilities. (Koplan and Liverman).” By providing better alternatives, it will be made easier for people to choose to walk or ride their bike, or go to a fun park rather than spend endless hours on a screen. Government intervention in the fight against childhood obesity, it will redraw attention to the importance of funding for these aspects of school.
Better diet habits and exercise programs at schools will not only help with physical health but mental health as well. According to a study done by Peter Bearman, who received is Ph.D in psychology at Columbia Unive...

... middle of paper ... as McDonalds and Burger King. McDonalds and other unhealthy advertisements broadcast directly to children, employing fun characters like Ronald McDonald and promising toys with their 500 calorie “happy meal.” Even mothers and fathers are often tainted by these ads, with the belief that these restaurants are now advertising healthier alternatives such as apple slices hiding the fact that those come with caramel dipping sauce and do not make up for the burger and sugary soda that still accompanies the meal. “Research has shown that television advertising can especially affect children’s food knowledge, choices, and consumption of particular food products, as well as their food-purchase decisions made directly and indirectly (through parents)” (Koplan and Liverman). By utilizing the 30 hours of television, kids will keep learning healthy habits outside of school.

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