The Importance Of A Good Teacher Is Rare Essay

The Importance Of A Good Teacher Is Rare Essay

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Yoana LemusMrs. Long English 73XEssay #4Crazy Is NormalMany would agree that having a good teacher is rare; it takes a lot of patience, creativity and love for the job and the students to be a good teacher. I would agree that Mr. Lofthouse from the book I read Crazy is normal was a very good teacher, he gave all his student 's tough love, treated everyone the same and the most important thing believed in them, because of its Lofthouse’s class was very successful. Lofthouse went straight to the Marine Corps after High school, while in active duty, he changed his mind about collage and enrolled in a community college in Glendora to get his AS degree, in his last semester at The University of Fresno for a BA in journalism, he decided to take a creative writing class where his professor suggested to consider becoming a teacher because he was so good with kids but Lofthouse taught that was a crazy idea considering he hated school while growing up. Lofthouse had a tough childhood, growing up he was called retarded by his teacher’s, and four eyes by his peers later to find out he was not retarded but dyslexic. Lofthouse taught ninth grade English and journalism at San Gabriel Valley in a barrio of simmering street-gang violence. Where most of his student 's where either involved in a gang or were affiliated with it by a family member, most would say these students had no bright future but Lofthouse believed otherwise. Mr. Lofthouse thought English and Journalism at a High school where street gang violence was high. Most of his students had no interest in being there or learning for that matter, so it was that much harder for him to teach. He was the only teacher who enforced the rules all the other teachers were very mellow. He was not ...

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... gangs with no job and nothing to offer. Being in an atmosphere where education is not the goal would be very difficult for most students. I could imagine how baffling it could be having a teacher who loves his job and cares for his student’s future after having teachers who did not care for the students and their job was just a paycheck. Mr Lofthouse was an excellent teacher and did everything in his power to try and help his students become successful by keeping them out of trouble and encouraging them to take on extra curriculums and to take his journalism class which took place after school. Lofthouse was a “tough” teacher because he cared about his students he would discipline his students and gave them college level work to prepare them for college. His students hated his class because he made them write long essays, but it was only to make them better students.

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