The Importance Of A Good School Administrator Essay

The Importance Of A Good School Administrator Essay

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I really enjoyed completing this activity. It is definitely one I know I will refer back to and utilize when I am an administrator. Completing this activity reinforced what a good school administrator needs to do. Many times, too many times, I have noted various school leaders just managing; just maintaining the school day like every other school day, day after day, year after year. They may look the part, but at times they are far from acting like leaders. A school leader should be inspiring and constantly looking ahead to the school’s future. Goals should be formed and ideas on how to accomplish those goals should be developed. This vision of schooling should be so prominent and contagious that everyone - the faculty and staff, the parents and the community, and even the students – know it by heart and want to do their part in making this happen. But this all starts with having an effective leader; one who also has a vision and can inspire others to share in this vision. Completing this activity taught me the importance of making sure I start out as an administrator thinking and acting this way.
As I created this vision of schooling, I realized that to create the most effective vision, it will need to involve all of the stakeholders’ ideas and not just my own. While entering a district with a ready-made vision would have the potential for rapid implementation to fix changes that are urgently needed, there would be disadvantages to it as well. My personal vision might be met with resistance and resentment. Plus, it might not be the best for that particular school-community. So as an administrator, I will make sure to form a team to help with this. I think by involving stakeholders in the process of creating a vision, the school-...

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...influence schools, such as possible trends of students’ needs, parents’ needs that will impact the students, future expectations or requirements from employers or colleges that will impact students, or possible changes in technical and economic areas that could impact the school.
Finally, there are people who could help me improve in this area of leadership. Staff and stakeholders can help identify and share their core beliefs and describe what their ideal school would be like. By conducting these exercises with them, I would have a framework to build off of. Seeking help from veteran principals and superintendents would be another group of people to look to for assistance. They could help me with the overall process, how to effectively monitor how well the school is doing, and whether specific strategies are aligned with our identified core values and beliefs.

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