The Importance of a Good Jump Shot in Basketball

The Importance of a Good Jump Shot in Basketball

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The Importance of a Good Jump Shot in Basketball

Basketball is one of the most watched and played sport across the nation. The offense in basketball includes lay-ups, dunks, free throws, and jump shots. The jump shot is one of the most common shot.
Basketball is a very entertaining sport; just imagine playing it with a perfect jump shot. Nothing feels better than being in control, having everyone look up to you in the last minutes of the game. Having that perfect jump shot can either make you or break you in a close game; you think you can do it?

Even though obviously you have to score the ball the most to win, all three of my sources noted that the jump shot was not the most important skill in basketball, they all said team defense was the key. But every kid dreams of scoring lots of points in a game and being the hero so first we can talk about the form of a shot. Gripping the ball and proper footwork are important for one to succeed with the jump shot. Most importantly you need to be in a comfortable stance having your feet shoulder length apart and facing square towards the basket at all times, bend your knees a slight bit and make sure your elbow is as close to and in front of your body as you can. Then make sure your hand is behind the ball and jump and at the highest point release and make sure to follow through. According to my internet source following through on your shot is the most important thing you can do followed by consistency meaning make sure you shoot the same exact way every time so that you can make improvements.
Now developing a perfect jump shot, I interviewed the one and only famous coach k and added that any good athlete should practice by himself all the time, at least two hours a day if you want to be a great shooter, you need to have a lot of patience and don’t get frustrated when you miss. He also said that you should practice going hard all

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the time, don’t mess around with your shot or it won’t get better, so practice like you play! While reading a little I read that confidence is just as important as anything else, if you want to become a great shooter you can’t get down on yourself and you can’t let things bother you, you just have to keep your head up and forget about it because if you get frustrated you start doing dumb things and you get off your game and confidence is one thing you can’t practice.
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