The Importance Of A Flawless Coat For The Fur Industry Essays

The Importance Of A Flawless Coat For The Fur Industry Essays

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If killing animals to get their furs is not difficult enough, workers in the fur industry still have to go through many other complex processes in order to create a flawless coat that can be sold in the market. Back in 1949, a peak year of fur production, there were at least 642 manufacturers across Canada and some have even less than 10 employees. Fur work was dominated by Eastern European Jewish immigrants at the time and because the demand of fur was so high, the owners of those manufactures were try to recruit as many experienced workers (preferably male) as possible to make the most profit for themselves. Women at the time also involved in the fur industry by helping with preparation of the raw skin such as “greasers” “unhairers”, and “fleshers”. However, important skills that needed in order to translate raw furs into coats were mostly preserved by men which includes “techniques of sorting, wetting and stretching, block, then cutting the skins.” (Joan Sangster, 2007) Both “skin on skin” and newer “drop” technique of fur preparation involved the cutter understanding of how to choose, cut and recut skins countless times, so that the furs could be sewn together to form an elongated, almost seamless coat. People also have to use blowing devices to keep the furs from being caught in the seams and add in numerous chemical to prevent them from getting decompose. Later on, with the developing of technology, sewing machines make it much easier for fur manufacturers to create a coat and despite the fact that many of the hand-made techniques were replaced by machines, the huge amount of chemicals that were put into raw fur remain the same.
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... Killing animals for fur is completely wrong. It is a brutal industry where the lives of many innocent animals get killed in the name of fashion. Aside from getting thousand kinds of animals become extinct, the fur industry also cause serious impact to our environment. It is a threat that contributing to higher energy costs, pollution and land destruction. Many countries such as Britain, Croatia and Austria have remains resolutely anti-fur to show their strong will against this cruel industry. There is absolutely no point to make those poor creatures suffer because fur is not an essential part of our lives. Animals can’t speak for themselves but we can do that for them and with the help of people around the world, we can make this cruelty stop by refusing to wear fur products and not buying products from companies that sell things associated with real animals’ fur.

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