The Importance Of A Culturally Responsive Teacher Essay

The Importance Of A Culturally Responsive Teacher Essay

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Through this program, I feel I had acquired an important amount of knowledge in different areas, which will help me to improve my teaching, giving me the necessary tools to better serve all my students, especially the English language learners (ELLs). I understand the importance of been a culturally-responsive teacher. I understand the importance of having a clear portrait of the school, and being able to understand diversity in school. Through research, I can learn about student’s background, culture, ethnicity, and language they speak. I acquired the knowledge about linguistics and language acquisition, which will allow me to support my ELLs in my content area. I will be able to recognize the areas were students struggle acquiring a new language, based on their native language, and I will be able to implement appropriate strategies for each stage of language proficiency students are. In addition, I feel I have the tools to promote a culturally-responsive classroom. I will be able to implement appropriate and evaluated instructional materials that are relevant and authentic for my diverse students, promoting comprehension, and language development. Also, the knowledge I acquired about curriculum and standards I will be able to develop a framework to assess that the curriculum is appropriate for my students and is adequately align with the state standards. Through research and collaboration with colleagues, I will be able to implement instructional practices, strategies, and interventions that will better support the student’s needs. Finally, I overviewed issues related with assessment of Ells and bilingual students. I reviewed assessment in the cultural, social, and political context. I will be able to identify approp...

... middle of paper ... students. I realized that all the students have their own individual needs, which are not only academic, but also social, and cultural. I feel that I more aware about these needs and how they impact students success.
Now, going forward, I will focus on incorporating many of the instructional practices I have learned in this program. Also, I plan to participate in trainings and professional learning communities to keep learning in about new instructional methods and strategies so I can support my student in their learning process. One of my believes is that we never stop learning when we finish school or a program like this; learning is a life-long process. Finally, I will advocate for more collaboration and professional learning community at my school because I know that the best teaching practices occur when teachers work together. DuFour ( ) states that

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