The Importance Of A Culturally Competent Care Essay

The Importance Of A Culturally Competent Care Essay

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Nurses today are challenged to deliver culturally competent care to a growing diverse population. In the United States, minorities and refugees occupy one third of the population, and are expected to increase by 54%, by 2050 (Hart & Moreno, 2015). Hospitals have begun making delivering culturally competent care a priority initiative. It has become an ongoing process amongst nurses to incorporate not only the nurse’s knowledge, but also the skills needed to work with these diverse populations (Hart & Moreno, 2013). In order to deliver culturally competent care, the barriers must be addressed.
Nursing Practice Changes with Delivering Culturally Competent Care
The barriers have been identified as the lack of knowledge, time management, money, and language barriers (Mixer 2010). Hart & Moreno (2013) discuss in order for nurses to provide culturally competent care, the nurse must focus on the family’s culture differences, and incorporate their beliefs into their plan of care. The current literature indicates nurses and staff are not adequately taught to deliver culturally competent care. When nurses were asked what barriers they face, they spoke about the lack of resources to learn and provide culturally competent care, money for training, and lack of training (Hart & Moreno, 2013). Hart & Moreno (2013) also discussed the time it takes, for the nurses to educate themselves about the different cultures, plus the time to offer such care.
Nurses and staff also worry if you can teach culture sensitivity, or if it is an inherited trait. The desire comes from nurses’ and their motivation to learn about different cultures, their traditions, and beliefs. Researchers believe delivering culturally comptant care builds a foundational model...

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...wers. Supportive relationships allows for strong open lines of communication, new learning opportunities, growth, and sharing of ideas (2010). Inspirational motivation allows leaders to ensure the followers develop they same passion and motivation to fulfill goals, and feel valued. The leader should set clear goals and expectations. “The team should be on the same level and put forth equal amount of dedication while expressing passion and enthusiasm in order to meet outlined goals” (Northouse, 2010, p. 202.). Idealized influence entails leaders leading by setting an example, which is done through observation of practices. Serving as a role model, followers trust and respect the leader. Transformational leadership allows for motivation, and positive morale. It stimulates nurses and it can help achieve extraordinary goals, and outcomes (2010).
Leadership Attributes

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