The Importance Of A Critical Race Theory Essay

The Importance Of A Critical Race Theory Essay

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Muhammad Ali, a famous boxer, once said, “Hating People because of their color is wrong. And it doesn’t matter which color does the hating. I’s just plain wrong” (Goodreads, 2015). For many centuries, ethnic conflict between the humans have existed immortally due the never changing differences of culture and values, spinning the cycle of war. Fortunately, some have ended however some still remain immortal in the eyes of those who have experience struggle to this date. The lack of awareness of problems in a cultural crisis concerning those who fall victim to a system and society that discriminates and alienates. With assistance of Critical Race Theory, this essay will examine how the role of race with has affected has caused consequences within the lives of marginalized groups within society through the lives and their relationship with those in their communities.
To begin with, the role of Critical Race Theory provides us with the idea of “racial realism”, the idea that racism, the normalcy of white supremacy is part of the everyday life of an ‘other’, in other words, racial or indigenous minorities in Canada (Slides on Critical Race Theory). The Critical Race Theory gives an understanding of the power that can be given to a definition such as ‘race’, and how heavily influence the way society functions and sparked in a cultural divide in Canada due to the simple idea that biological and aesthetic difference. The Critical Race Theory gives us the understanding of how common it is for an individual, but most dominantly, a person who is Caucasian or who has light complexion can easily identifies with their ‘race’, and view a person of another colored complexion as an ‘other’ because this normalized.
“Power” insinuates racism. Pride...

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Through politics that we make the choice whether or not we choose to stand up. There is a lot more to discover, and that will change our current understandings. Race is something learned in society and in dire need of critical thinking reflection and logic to examine information in order to become less prejudiced. We also are just naturally inclined to notice differences in groups. Everyone does not rely on race, it just human nature to focus on the most obvious differences, and the most visible ones. However, race is not a binary thing, and rather are all mixed of various ethnicities. It 's our default state to notice race’s differences and the way people we see as 'other ', as outside their tribe. It is there because it is 'natural ', there are a lot of default settings in humans, and therefore it needs conscious effort, thought and education to overcome.

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