Essay on The Importance Of A Consumer Centric Approach

Essay on The Importance Of A Consumer Centric Approach

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Outline and explore the importance of a consumer-centric approach in marketing.

In this essay the importance of consumer centric approach will be discussed through several points. Firstly what its consumer centric approach , follow by the effect of internal and external factors may lead to this approach. Then why we focus will be examined along with relationship marketing approach and the fit of marketing offering in such approach. At last the various point will be summarised and evaluated.
The term market orientation can be defined as “ the degree to which the product offered by the firm and the customer related behaviour of the firm correspond to customer need and competitive argument.”(hamburg kuester) this definition is also agreed by naver and slater(1990),but they also mention to produce good efficiently and effectively. Furthermore ajay k kohli but insisted in their definition to disseminated the information across department. Additionally from this we can be determined the concept of market orientation is still viable after 23 years. However from the sources above we could identify that there is no clear definition for market orientation. Aside from that customer need is the main focus mention in the definition so far.
Firstly, Market orientation has evolved from different form from over a decade. The very first idea is production orientation , where the focus is on manufacturing such as increase production and cost control and not on customer needs. This lasted until late 19th century. (F.Brassington) Due to in some customer are only interested in the price of the product than the difference between product because in some undeveloped country disposable income and wages are low for a majority of people. A real good exam...

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...on there consumer centric approach is an important aspect in marketing orientation because it enable firm to gain greater profit, reduction in cost as well as it enable form to specialise further. However in order to understand consumer orientation firm must understand internal external factor, relationship market and marketing mix before customer orientation becomes effective. This is also supported by several authors such as p.barnes, naver and slate etc… On the other hand there is some factor which could cause customer orientation to become ineffective. Such as time taken for customer orientation to mature as well as cost of covering into a customer orientation firm, more over there could be difference in opinion between departments. Overall if consumer orientation is used when considering the side effects it can be a very effective strategy in the modern period.

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