The Importance Of A Community Profile On The Sense That It Can Give Us As Nurses

The Importance Of A Community Profile On The Sense That It Can Give Us As Nurses

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A community profile is beneficial in the sense that it can give us as nurses a neat overview of an area, thus meaning we can have an understanding of the type of care to be offered to patients and their family, effectively improving legitimacy and enhancing the phrase ‘patient centred care’. Middlesbrough is a bustling, diverse almost city, it caters to a range of different individuals with their own needs to be met and cultural requirements adhered to, with Middlesbrough having a population of 138,900, 11.8% come from the BME community (Local population diversity, 2016), it’s important to take this into consideration.
Situated in the north east of England, Middlesbrough has both an evident aging populations and young people, with people aged 75+ increasing by 12.9% from 2001 to 2011 (Census 2011, 2016) and the “population is younger than both the regional and national averages with 19% of the population under the age of 15 compared to 16.5% regionally” . Although people are living longer the life expectancy of Middlesbrough is 76 for men in 2011 and 80 for women (Life Expectancy, 2016) Middlesbrough still has one of the lowest life expectancy compared to the rest of the country where the life expectancy is on average 81 years in 2013.
On a social standing Middlesbrough is also low on the list of regions in the UK, there was 15,277 incidents of recorded crime in 2010/11 , by this we can’t just consider the criminals, as they will likely have their own set of problems: poor housing, opportunities, perhaps mental health issues; we must also recall there is victims of these crime, as they could be wounded or now be suffering a mental health problem as a result and so we as nurses have a responsibility to care for them. Additionally ...

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...psychosocial intervention also then in the aid to recovery they propose peer mentoring and even telephone mentoring, as there is little more comforting than perhaps feeling a potential relapse and a professional only being a phone call away. Finally Middlesbrough is home to a number of fine rehabilitation centres both private and NHS based, this is essentially a last port of call for those with substance abuse problems, as its offers 24 hour supervision and holistic care. Access to these services are mostly from an individual seeking assistance or a family member or friend trying to help, this again can be through a simple internet search or GP referral, almost the worst case scenario would be an overdose and going in through A&E, although this would be really late on in the situation the help needed is seen as much more urgent and wheels are set in motion quicker.

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