The Importance Of A Clinical Nurse Specialist Essay

The Importance Of A Clinical Nurse Specialist Essay

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Clinical log 1
The purpose of this paper is to examine a clinical situation that required the writer to expand knowledge base about different roles of a clinical nurse specialist. Description of the situation is followed by its examination and analysis, and concluded with the writer’s reflection and insight for future practice.
Description of a Clinical Situation
My preceptor received a referral for a patient who had a surgery for a construction of an ileal conduit over seven days ago. Although stuff nurses were fully capable of nursing care, teaching, and preparation for discharge, they waited until the patient’s discharge day and relied on my preceptor to do all of them. Being unable to find out the detailed referral reason except the message written as ‘discharge assessment’, the preceptor was forced to prioritize this, in retrospect, uncomplicated case over the processing of organizational policy making. The similar incident occur almost every day and frustrates my preceptor who is a clinical nurse specialist (CNS).
Examination and Analysis of the Situation
Prior to this clinical placement, I did not know the title, clinical nurse specialist (CNS). It turns out, many of my co-workers were the same. The most of them did not know that my preceptor was a CNS, and even if they knew, they did not know the roles of CNSs. Without having the knowledge of a CNS, I, as a stuff nurse, have involved as many resources as possible for my clients in the past, and my preceptor, the wound care nurse was no exception.
Canadian Nurses Association (CNA, 2014) defines a CNS as “a registered nurse who holds a graduate degree in nursing and has a high level of expertise in a clinical specialty” (p.1) and describes its five scopes as a clinician...

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...sing care hense the patient’s outcome. Thus, their knowledge is not only consist of their speciality nursing and medical knowledge, but also include organizational theory, learning theory, change theory, motivation theory, and the list is endless. What I also witnessed was the reality of the preceptor’s daily activities that was compile of needs of others that included stuff nurses who was reluctant to initiate their nursing care for their own patients. I was ashamed to realize that I might have been the one of them to interrupt the work of the CNS who deserves more recognition for their incredible purpose. As a registered nurse, we share the same goal to empower our clients. To accomplish this, I learned that I have to execute my part of nursing care at my best so the other nursing specialists can exercise their full capacity for our client from their perspective.

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