Essay about The Importance Of A Child Into Daycare

Essay about The Importance Of A Child Into Daycare

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During the 1950’s, women were the housewives and men were the breadwinners when they get married and have children. Women during that time period were in charge of cleaning, cooking, taking care of the children and their husbands. The men in the family are the ones who are in charge of bringing in the money in order to maintain their family. This happened during the old days, but as of today men and women are now joining the workforce and raising their families but it also has its barriers. Putting a child into daycare is now almost the price of rent and the work hours of an individual are now 60 hours without having time to spend with children. The family of the 21st century is changing and the changes will be continuing as time goes by. Not only the changes in America when it went from a agriculture society to an industrial society but also viewing gender in families such as fathers doing the housework and taking care of the kids while the mother is at work and comparing the family benefits in America compared to the family benefits in Europe such as Norway and Sweden.
In America, long before the 20th century, America was based on agriculture and family household. According to Coltrane and Adams, during the 17th and 18th century, many families have owned farms and small artisan shops, where one’s place of work was also one’s home. Mothers and fathers had different types of work back then, but much of the labor was interchangeable (Coltrane and Adams). In the 19th century, the United States went from an agriculture society to an industrial society. The change happen dramatically between 1870 and 1900 when the industrial production was increasing. “As late as 1871, two-thirds of the American population was still self-employed, b...

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... they were going to do to balance with work and family (“Evolution of Dad”). He said that women back then would answer, “Oh were going to be together and love each other” compared to women now who would say “well when I have my first child I’m going to take four months off to raise my child and go back to work.” Men twenty years ago would respond “huh, what?” whereas for men now they would respond “Were going to be together and love each other.” The views on work and family have switched, women now are focused on career and family, instead of family itself, where in the views of men they start to worry about their family and questioning on how they will balance and family without having a plan about it (“Evolution of Dad”). The changes of equal partnership in marriage and family will continue to be the topic of society on how people plan on balancing family and work.

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