The Implications Of Social Work Essay

The Implications Of Social Work Essay

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Implications for Social Work
Because of my culture, it has allowed for me to be more understanding of those that are different from me. The recognition of what it is to be different from what normal American culture may look like has brought forth a new and deeper level of empathy without even realizing. Growing up in a diverse area where my group of friends came from a wide variety of backgrounds has helped me to see the similarities we share as well as getting more acquainted and understanding of why certain groups do the things that they do. With that being said, I recognize that though I may be more equipped to related with people from different backgrounds a bit more than someone else, I know that I may still face some challenges (especially with how this nation is when it comes to race and cultural relations). As a social worker, a bit part of my profession is to create societal change.
Being that this nation was founded on a hierarchy of some sorts, it is important for helping professionals to make sure that we listen to the dis-empowered and make sure they know that there is value in what they are saying. Though we are to listen to the dis-empowered, it is also pivotal for us to be aware of our own biases. This is because we are in place to address prejudice such as sexism and racism. The goal at the end of everything is to be culturally competent. This will come when we continue to address prejudice and become genuine as we gain more insight of different culture as well as our thoughts. Ultimately we need to show respect to any and every one we come in contact with.
Everyone has a story and experience that has shaped who they are as well of how they see the world. The...

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... too much work into being competent, I can see that I am able to shift my mind and perspective to meet what a future constituent would need. The notion of growing up in a family where there was not much communication showed the necessity of dealing with issues head-on. I will be able to pinpoint if that is something that a client may be dealing with not being able to fully communicate what they may be facing because that is how I grew up and it caused me to learn things along the way. Learning how to go through life on my own (for the most part) has placed a special sense of empathy within me and I believe will help me be more patient with constituents. The main thing that I will need to work on is how to stay professional in case I have a client who may be have some prejudice towards people who look like me or may consider me incompetent depending on other factors.

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