Essay about The Implications Of Infant Neglect

Essay about The Implications Of Infant Neglect

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The immeasurable ramifications of infant neglect stem from other than just the neglect itself. Although, society finds neglect inexcusable, they do link infant neglect to a history of maternal maltreatment, and luckily most mothers break this intergenerational cycle (Bartlett, Raskin, Kotake, Nearing, & Easterbrooks, 2014). There are risk factors that contribute to the neglect that is put upon infants, putting them at greater risk, disparities can start before birth and others are historical predisposition, learning disorders, socio-economic status and lack of knowledge (Bartlett, Raskin, Kotake, Nearing, & Eaterbrooks, 2014).
The Ecological perspectives theory says that our environment is crucial in our life experiences. With this given information the risk factors, need to be identified, that could contribute to the well-being of an infant. For example, who is caring for the infant, is that caregiver using drugs or alcohol, what is the age of the caregiver, any disabilities, culture, race, and socio-economic status (SES)? All these risk factors can add undue stress to an already stressful time.
Let’s explore a situation of a teenage, African American, drug and alcohol addicted, mother who lives in poverty with her mother and five younger siblings, in a neighborhood that has no major grocery stores and the family has no vehicle, her baby, also suffers from Fetal alcohol syndrome and Meth withdrawal. All these disparities put the infant at risk, some more than others, however the combination of them all adds a stressor that intensifies everything. This teen mother does have several strengths that are helpful as well, for instance, she has a place to live, family support, and a mother who provides for her and her baby which allev...

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...them for poverty. Society needs to institute programs that do not shame individuals and orchestrate modifications in a safe and educational way. Young mothers do not want to be bad mothers, they just do not understand how to create a change and how to get support without getting in trouble.
Baby Jacob’s mother needs a safe place for her little guy to go while she gets drug and alcohol treatment, a place that is going to show her how to care for a baby that has his disabilities and a place that she does not feel in jeopardy of loosing him. Jacob needs to learn how to depend on his mother for his needs and that she is reliable and safe. Treatment, parenting classes, a bus pass, a fruit stand in the neighborhood, support groups, these are just a few things that could take the stress off of a young mother and allow her to care for her child in a positive manner.

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