Implications of Anti-Aging Advertisements Essay

Implications of Anti-Aging Advertisements Essay

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There are many that companies utilize advertisements to sell their product. One main way is use advertisements to target specific traits. Advertisement targeting is used by many popular companies for products that both men and women use. One of the most common advertisements that we see targeting is Oil of Olay’s Regenerate products. These products are designed to correct and prevent the on slot of wrinkles. This product is not made specifically for women, nor was it made for anyone over a specific age, however in the advertisement it always starts with a close up of a older female and revels in the fact that their face cream had beat more expensive cream in some sort of challenge. The women in the commercial are old enough for you to know that she old enough to need the facial cream but does not have a wrinkle to be found.
By targeting older females, the company is trying to appeal to their main demographic which would be older middle class women. The commercial does a real good job of letting the consumer know that their cream is affordable to the middle class. However, by choosing to only target their advertisements to their target market they are missing a large, up and coming group, men. According to the Quenqua, 2011 “Sales of premium skin-care products for men jumped 5 percent that year, and have risen another 12 percent so far in 2011, according to the NPD Group, a market research firm. Women buying products for men account for only 25 percent of those sales: most of the time, men buy these products for themselves” (p. 1). By only choosing to focus their advertisements on older middle class females Oil of Olay will find themselves losing out to a completely new customer base.
Some ma...

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