The Implications Of Aging Individuals And Aging Societies Essay

The Implications Of Aging Individuals And Aging Societies Essay

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Discuss the implications for aging individuals and aging societies of:

There are many implications for aging indivuals and the aging

societies. One example would be the increase of life expectancy for

an aging individual and the aging society. A second example would

be the increase of chronic conditions for an aging indivudual and the

aging society. Following are specific implications for these two


Increasing life expectancy

There has definitely been an increase in life expectancy. I see it in my

own family tree. There is a difference, however, between my mother 's

side and my father 's. My mother 's side of the family is all Polish,

whereas, my father 's side is Canadian French and Italian. The life

expectancy I feel strongly has to do with genetics and what you

inheret in those genes. I will start with my mother 's side of the family

genes and then share my father 's side.

My mother 's side of the family, the women definitely have lived long

and longer lives than the men. My great aunt and great grandmother

lived to be over 100 year old. My grandmother lived to be 97. My

great uncle and great grandfather lived to their late 80 's and early

90 's. Except for my grandfather, who died of lung cancer from

smoking at a young age. I believe he was in his early 50 's.

My father 's side of the family life expectancy was much different. All

members of the family, both men and women died in their 70s. This

incluces my aunt, dad, gradfather, grandmother, and uncle. It is very

interesting because my father lived a very unhealthy life, whereas,

my uncle lived a very healthy life7. Just goes to show that genes

impact your life expectancy.

According to our textbook indicates by the yea...

... middle of paper ...

...ectancy and chronic disease. Right

now there are ways to slow or stop some of the diseases if these

indivduals take a healty approach to life. This isn 't the case with

everyone, but lifestyle change does impact disease and life

expectancy. It is my hope that one day not so far off into the future,

new cures and medicine with become avaailble to remove all disease

and increase life even longer.


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