Implementing The Automation Into Meat Processing Essay

Implementing The Automation Into Meat Processing Essay

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Over the last two decades industrial robots are being implemented in various labour-intensive industries like automobile, manufacturing, agriculture and mining. But in case of food servicing industry especially in meat processing sector we can observe only a meagre amount of implementation of the automated industrial robots, apart from performing the basic or traditional process like picking, packing and palletisation.
Meat processing includes various tasks like
 meat selection
 meat processing
 meat cutting and slaughtering
 picking and packing
Automation is already into existence in term of downstream process like pick and packing process but for upstream process like meat cutting and slaughtering the automation is still in the development stage
Need For automation In Meat Processing:
The major reasons for implementing the automation into meat processing are
 Lack of labour resources: These kind of jobs are highly physically demanding. The entire tasks are rigorous, strenuous and repetitive in nature. Due to which the workers get strain injuries in their hands, elbows, wrists and back therefore many neglect to take these kind of jobs especially young workforce are on their back foot to do these tasks.
 Unsuitable working environment: The working environment is always surrounded with noise, extreme temperatures (cold and humidity) and repetitive work pressure.
 Food safety and quality: The specimens used are very sensitive such that wrong processing leads to contamination.
In order to overcome the labour shortage and to meet the demand for food consumption automation seem to the only possible solution available hence most of the automation companies like ABB, KUKA are utilizing the situation to their best an...

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... of robot
 Results are not accurate because of the shape and the size of specimen used differs constantly
 Meat products are so sensitive such that it can be easily contaminated by wrong processing and handling
 Bone dust getting accumulated affects the quality food
Meat processing industry requires automation because it doesn’t provide a peaceful working environment and the labour shortage for this field is increasing at a brisk pace. The variation in shape and size of each specimen increases the difficulty of automation in this field. New technology and features are required to strive in this field in the near feature and the robotic companies may need to join hands with research institutes to achieve these goals in an efficient manner

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