Implementing Successful Quality Improvement Practices Within Organizations

Implementing Successful Quality Improvement Practices Within Organizations

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Quality management is a structured approach to organizational management that seeks to improve the quality of products and services through continual refinements in response to continuous feedback (Gharakhani, 2013). Thus, it necessitates the consistent application of the appropriate human and technical processes, tools and techniques. A strategic quality strategy will be effective only through long-term commitment and dedicated application by executive management and all employees (Gharakhani, 2013). The purpose of this paper is to converse on implementing successful quality improvement practices within organizations to help achieve viable quality management. Further, this paper also highlights the conditions that must be in place such as management commitment, employee involvement, communication, and continuous improvement for successful quality management to be aligned with ISO 9000.
Management Commitment and Leadership
Predominantly big and small organizations in society that practice quality management are assigned to oversee the process to ensure that everyone is on board in every department. For quality management to be fruitful, it is critical that all employees in every department understand the need for quality and that changes and improvement are part of the process (Management, 2015). Furthermore, it is essential for management to exhibit support for these changes, and show that support when communicating and interacting with staff members. However, employees can develop a comfort level when they see management supporting the process. Top management should efficiently train all employees to provide the knowledge needed on the vision, direction, and strategy of the company as well as the skills they need to implem...

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...s. If upper management is not involved, the process will fail. Such organizations that are committed to quality will strive diligently to improve their services and products (Kasongo, 2010). ISO 9000 is a management system that outlines quality standards of organizations. It ensures that these organizations meet customer needs over and above those of its stakeholders. Nevertheless, this paper conversed on quality management improvement practices involving management commitment, employee involvement, continuous improvement, communication, and employee challenges not fully committed to ISO 9000. Moreover, quality management is a system centering on customer satisfaction through a concept of continuous improvement. Organizations on a global scale should diligently improve this process to be competitive with its competitors, and expand towards organizational progression.

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