Implementing Power Sharing and Group Autonomy in Divided Societies Essay

Implementing Power Sharing and Group Autonomy in Divided Societies Essay

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“ The successful establishment of democratic government in divided societies requires two key elements: power sharing and group autonomy”(Lijphart, 2004). Country X is a society divided not only ethnically but religiously making the creation of a long standing or stable democratic state difficult, but not impossible. As the quote from Lijphart above states, power sharing and group autonomy are two elements which need to be emphasized in order to develop a stable state. For power sharing and group autonomy to be implemented Country X must have a democratic presidential system. A presidential system is necessary because it allows for equal representation in the legislature, a balanced system of regulation, and fair laws to be implemented. All of these aspects will create a society which has power sharing and group autonomy. For Country X to be a stable democracy a presidential system is the correct institution.
“Power sharing denotes the participation of representatives of all significant communal groups in political decision making, especially at the executive level”(Lijphart, 2004). Country X with a population of twenty-five million is made up of collection of ethnicities with two predominant races and a small percentage of other races. There are also two predominant religions in the country creating more division. To create less problems no establishment of religion will be implemented in the government in any way. The government will therefore be divided equally upon the country’s ethnicities. The presidential system I am basing my government structure on is the United States of America. The government will be made up of an executive branch and legislative branch, which the population will elect with certain restrictions. F...

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...ut punishment. Country X should be modeled after a presidential system such as the United States due to their success in achieving both power sharing and group autonomy. With a free society, Country X will have four political parties representing the conservative, liberal, and business ideals of the country. Also, with freedom a number of other groups will form whether they be religious, political, for sport, or to practice a hobby. With the successful establishment of power sharing and group autonomy Country X will be able to become a stable, well-off democratic society.

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