Implementing Multiple Intelligences Into The Classroom Essay

Implementing Multiple Intelligences Into The Classroom Essay

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My philosophy of education would be to implement Multiple Intelligences in the classroom for several reasons. The first reason is that it enhances cooperative learning. The second reason is that a teacher can create an effective learning environment by having students participate in hand-on activities. Third reason is that the visual learners can enjoy watching different cultural films and slides to have an awareness of the various customs. Fourth it teaches students one of the most important elements in life about social skills.

We all perceive things differently such as objects, coloring, size and proportions. Our mind and body obtain an existing idea, may analyze it, and resolve it in different modes. It teaches them to become divergent thinkers rather than convergent ones. They also learn different strategies like how to interact with other peers. In addition, it broadens their based learning, their strategies, and their physical needs especially in to- days classrooms. By being exposed to a diverse setting one has an advantage of a more enriched experience. That’s why it is very important to allow one self in his or her exploration.

Our brain functions have many levels. Our sensing brain tries to make sense of our surroundings, lighting, noise, and scent because it does affect our learning ability. Our playful brain tries out new things without having any consequences, loves to play games, interacts with others, and reduces our stress level. Our social brain loves to learn in groups and pairs because we want the constant feedback. We enjoy role-playing, are aware of self-awareness. We understand our motives, consequences, and are
emotionally mature. Our moving brain is very controlled and very focused because our...

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...just for the student. Students need to be measured on many different levels other than reading and math. The other method would be to have self and peer assessments. Another tool for teachers to assess their students are portfolios. We also have the standardized test, which measures certain tasks. One must be very careful when we assess the validity of a test does a test really measure what it is supposed to?

I am a firm believer that we all learn by using divergent approaches. I also acknowledge that learners can contribute more than one intelligence. Children need an outlet to freely express themselves rather than by the traditional teaching approach. By knowing your students learning style a teacher can implement all of the different strategies to enhance students learning. This would help to promote a well- rounded education.

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