Essay on Implementing Light As A Contemporary Tool For Measurement

Essay on Implementing Light As A Contemporary Tool For Measurement

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Implementing Light as a Contemporary Tool for Measurement
Light. The word that reigns ambiguity and purity in its highest form. According to the dictionary, light is a noun, an adjective, or a verb (Webster). In the physical-spectrum definition, light is electromagnetic energy that may or may not be discernable to humans. Figure 2 shows this range of electromagnetic energy in page two. It shows that humans can see wavelengths that are 400 – 700 nanometers (nm) in wavelength as colors while all others are simply blind to humans. However, light can do more than applying sights into human perspectives, it can be used to create many different functions. Humans can use it to illuminate subjects of intention like lighting a room or even to measure. However, measuring alone is a word that covers infinite amount of subjects that can be measured. Thus the subject on this topic will be narrowed down to five subjects of measurement and how light is utilized in each. These five are distance, speed, chemical absorption, temperature, and health readings.
The first type of measurement that light can measure is distance. Such devices that perform this measurement are called laser ranger finders. Using a laser and a detecting unit, distance can be calculated by measuring the time it takes for the light to reflect back from the laser that emitted light towards the point of which the user wants to measure to. The reason lasers are used is that that it uses one wavelength, shoots out parallel rays of light that are closely concentrated, and the waves of light produced are all aligned exactly together (NASA). This creates a strong beam of light that is relatively accurate instead of other light sources that may bounce all over the place and create...

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... idea of temperature, doctors and researchers use thermography to also inspect temperature trends to find the SARS disease in skin upon individuals. They do this by having checkpoints at airports and thermal imaging cameras to identify abnormalities of skin temperature to better isolate an individual for any potential sickness that may have caused it such as SARS (Seffrin).

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4
Thus, light is used in many ways to measure certain aspects. Utilizing light with such applications shows that the human race has made a simple concept useful throughout many aspects of life. The development of knowledge and light helped create a more bounded and uniform way to represent many measurements that humans have wanted in its lifetime. With such a feat, it is only natural that the future lies ahead with many more possible uses of light.

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