Essay on Implementing Educational Technology Into the K-12 Curriculum

Essay on Implementing Educational Technology Into the K-12 Curriculum

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The technological age introduced a super highway for exploring new learning paradigms (Warger, EduServe, Dobbin, EDUCAUSE, 2009), and a structure on which today's generations culturally connect to technology in ways unlike never before (Debozy and Pospisil, 2008). Based on the (2007-2012) Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) plan, a primary challenge some teachers are often faced with is instructing with technology effectively and adequate time for professional learning initiatives. Therefore, professional learning is essential for teachers to learn to use available technology such as wireless laptops. School leaders should consider adopting strategies that work without separating the two educational standards (Collins & Halverson, 2009; Weston & Bain, 2010) of conventional learning and technology based instructions to address these problems. In particular, current research suggested considering the following three elements to promote students academic performances, increase rigor to introduce and reinforce technology in the classroom:
1. Redesign the current curriculum aligned to state standards, practice drills and apply problem based learning. Provide active setting through wireless laptops to promote active collaboration with developing solutions to situations which connects to past and newly developed knowledge. Train teachers to teach students to use interactive concept maps, visualization simulation software, and digital presentations. Conduct sessions to prepare for state mandated assessments. To meet the demands of diverse learning styles differentiate instructional practices through interactive software, games and activities.
2. Evaluate student academic performance and provide an innovative peer ...

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...Researchers such as Teo (2009) posited that, quite a few:
teachers integrate technology for teaching in different ways. Some use technology for
mainly presentation purposes while others allow students to use a full range of
technology resources. It is possible that teachers use technology for instructional
purposes is influenced by their beliefs about teaching and learning. As such, a teacher
who believes that students learn content best through teacher-led instruction will be less
inclined to encourage students to explore a technology tool for learning. (p.7)
In any event, the manifestation over whether wireless laptop technology supports or deters learning is questionable among many teachers and scholars (Fried, 2008). Never the less, researchers have illustrated, that wireless laptop technology can be an indispensable learning aid.

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