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Implementing Change For A Change Essay

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Organizations experiencing difficulty with implementing change is not uncommon, with some studies claiming that 70 percent of change initiatives will fail (Halm, 2014). In recent years more effort has been put into researching and defining what allows some organizations to successfully implement change. In most cases, one of the primary ways of ensuring that a change will be in the 30 percent of successful initiative involves overcoming resistance to the change.
Even employees who may consider themselves to be flexible and open minded may resist change for a number of reasons. Causes for resistance can range from the employee disagreeing with the nature of the problem, to disagreements about the direction of the solution (e.g. how to solve the problem), or details about the solution (e.g. who should solve the problem, and with what resources?). Those resistant to change may also argue that the proposed solution will not be successful at all (Umble, 2014).
In general, resistance to change within an organization can be addressed by answering three broad questions outlined in Umble’s article the Nature of Resistance, in sequential order (Umble, 2014). The first question is, “what is the problem to be addressed?” Once the problem has been identified, those involved in implementing the change must determine how they will respond to the question, “what is the agreed upon solution?” The third and final question is, “how should the agreed upon solution be implemented?”
In order to select an approach, change leaders must be familiar with some of the types of change that teams and organizations undergo. Changes to policies, procedures, behavior, and culture all impact an organization and can be approached in similar ways.
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...s was completing formal observation and interacting informally with those in the midst of change (Creasey & Taylor, 2014).
In conclusion, companies can increase their chances of achieving being successful during a change by first being strategic in defining the problem. They must also determine solutions and timelines before charging ahead with an organization-wide change. For managers, committing to open communication throughout the change process moves them closer to success. They must also be sure that change is embraced from the leadership level first. Additionally, there must be some level of attention placed on educating employees about change and providing them with the training and tools that they need to be successful. Finally, manages must determine a way to measure success and then sustain, or ensure that the project does not crumble upon completion.

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