Implementing Care Programmes For Frail Older People Essay

Implementing Care Programmes For Frail Older People Essay

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The results for implementing care programmes for frail older people were comprised of both interviews and a focus group with participants. These both involved the implementation of the care programmes for frail older people at two different points in time, (2009 and 2012), in three Dutch regions. They first elaborated on the progress of the care programmes, as seen first hand by the participants. Then the issues were described that played a role in the implementation: collaboration, adaptation to existing structures, securing future funding and leadership.
In 2009, the implementation goals were expressed as creating ‘optimal collaboration with existing structures’ and ‘support among the professionals who have to carry out the programme’. The professionals wanted to answer the question of how to make the programme fit in with the already existing care that is offered by the municipalities. The catch was that the advisors for the older people already visit the older people, and according to the project leader, that overlapped with the job that the practice nurses already had to do within the programme. The participants also expressed that the programmes should become part of the daily practice of the practice nurses and the general practitioners.
In 2012, however, participants in two of the three regions reported positive results toward the implementation of the programmes. They mentioned that some of the successes were the number of practices involved, the number of home-visits performed, and the response of the professionals and older people. Moreover, the awareness between the professionals concerning the importance of proactively identifying problems around frail older people was also a positive outcome. This awareness seemed ...

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...entation. The absence of a project leader in one of the regions remained a problem throughout the whole implementation process.
In conclusion, the interviews revealed that implementation was experienced as successful in two of the three regions. Issues that influenced the implementation were the quality of the collaboration between institutions, the adaptation to existing structures, project leadership, and securing future funding. A good relationship between participating organizations and professionals is required for successful implementation. The structure in the primary care setting and other care programmes being carried out at the general practices influenced the implementation process of the care programs for frail older people. A lack of clear project leadership and structural funding hampers the implementation of complex programmes in primary care settings.

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