Implementing an e-Induction Program for New Foundation Doctors: Lessons Learned

Implementing an e-Induction Program for New Foundation Doctors: Lessons Learned

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Opinions regarding NHS Trust Inductions represent marked divergences between ‘medical management’ and junior doctors. For the Department of Health, the NHSLA, and NHS Trusts, induction is crucial in ensuring that new starters are safe, confident and effective employees . In contrast, junior doctors often see the exercise as ineffective , irrelevant , an example of corporate ‘box-ticking’ and a waste of time . Despite induction’s importance, these impressions and the large quantities of salaried time spent delivering inductions suggest there is room for improvement in current practice .

Recently, several NHS trusts, deaneries and bodies such as e-Learning for Health have developed – or are in the process of developing – e-learning modules related to key induction learning goals. In many cases these have focussed on a small number of core skills, most notably prescribing. Such modules, designed by experts in the subject matter, have generally been well received . But with wholesale change to an e-induction, there is a risk that the main purpose of the implementation may become cost saving; the ‘e-learning’ merely replicating lecture-slide content without the lecturer. So far, the available evidence does suggest that junior doctors are uninspired by online inductions .

In 2008 The North Western Deanery’s Foundation School began a project to cover all key induction topics in a single Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) package, in an attempt to deliver a comprehensive, standardised, and high-fidelity e-induction program to all new F1s in the region. The following is a descriptive account of this venture.

Initial implementation and feedback

The North West VLE (NWVLE) was developed by the Deanery’s NWVLE workin...

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