Implementing A Request For Proposal Essay

Implementing A Request For Proposal Essay

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When a team of professionals are assigned the task of creating a request for proposal (RFP), priorities are generally to devise the most thorough RFP, and to establish suitable evaluation criteria. As with any project management task, the team should also fully consider the project from initiation through closing, in order to be sure to have the most successful project. Often times, solicitation advertisement requirements, and the basics of competitive versus non-competitive bidding are overlooked. Implementing a clear expectation and procedure for receipt of proposals may be crucial to the timeline of an organization intending to do great things.
In the case study “New Manufacturing Facility in China,” a full and open competition was initiated, with surprisingly few responses received (CSU-Global, 2013b). The project team was left with quite the conundrum on their hands, as to which proposals to review and accept upon the due date. Had more effort been placed upon the planning of how to evaluate, critique, or solicit for more proposals, the team may not feel as though they were so limited on options, forcing them to make a recommendation that may not necessarily be in their best interest.
There are rules, generalizations, and best practices in various industries with regard to the appropriate minimum number of proposals that should be received in order for a project team to make adequate decisions. For example, with construction contracts, a minimum thirty-day advertisement is suggested, as well as a minimum of three vendor responses before review begins (Texas Comptroller of Public Accountants, 2015). In the United States, the competitive requirements can be found in the Uniform Commercial Code, although the pr...

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...bined, determining the best proposal for the project is less emotionally charged, and made easier for the team to see the clear winner.
Following the recommendations to solicit for bids a second time, making clear the decision to include or exclude late proposals, setting better agendas for meetings and follow-up meetings, and splitting the evaluation teams are all possible improvements in this case study. It is not dire that all of these suggested changes be incorporated, however it is more likely that if the approaches are used, the process would be more successful. Additionally, developing an action plan to collect reliable data on competitive procurements for which very few offers are received, will be helpful for future planning (Courts, 2013). There are many factors that affect competition and these suggestions help to limit to incidence of negative results.

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