Implementing A Future Care Delivery Model Essay

Implementing A Future Care Delivery Model Essay

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Change is inevitable in healthcare. The purpose of this paper was to discuss and guide the facilitators of change through the process of implementing a future care delivery model. Leadership qualifications and role were identified in an effort to assist the leader in identifying and rectifying complications that can impede progress. Potential conflicts among the enablers of change were discussed as well as tools necessary to minimize these barriers. The Twelve Bed Hospital Model was reviewed in detail and suggestions for transitioning into this model were considered. Lewin’s Change theory was utilized for the change process.

Change is rarely seen as blasé no matter what aspect of life is being modified. In Healthcare, it can be quite challenging. While there is an understanding of the need to grow and expand the knowledge base, many Healthcare professionals (HCP) hold steadfast to the model of care delivery that has been the norm. Certainly, it is natural to cling to all that is known when faced with the unknown, even if it has become apparent that the current course is no longer a viable one. A universal understanding of the need for change must exist if there is to be a commitment to change. During this period of evaluation of the current methodology, many things will seem uncertain. To this point, most changes to Healthcare have resulted in an increased demand for nurses, but a deficit of experienced nurses exists. Mandates for evidence-based practice (EBP), cost of care, crippling budget cuts, and decreased satisfaction of personnel due to staffing shortages has forced HCP to reinvent the wheel (Huber, 2010, p. 73). The one constant in this mind-boggling equation is that the patient must al...

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...ocess, problem solving and performance improvement” (p. 14)
A PCF is expected to act as the patient’s personal liaison between the interdisciplinary teams and work with a case manager to facilitate care through discharge (Clark, 2011). At any given moment, the PCF is expected to know every detail about all of the patients in the “Twelve Bed Hospital”. The PCF does not provide direct patient care unless there is a crisis but will assist in training graduate nurses (Clark, 2011). Direct patient care is still administered by the RN and CNA based on patient acuity and level of clinical expertise needed to perform the care. The goal of this union is to more clearly define the role of each member with the understanding that, during a crisis, there may have to be changes. Otherwise, every effort is made to schedule the same staff to the same unit on a daily basis.

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