Implementation of School Uniforms Essay

Implementation of School Uniforms Essay

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Every person is a unique individual; from their appearance and personality right down to their very DNA, humans are naturally different from one another, yet there are several people who believe that a uniform solution of uniforms in school will work for everyone. The implementation of school uniforms is said to bring about positive changes such as decreases in gang activity, bullying, and costs to parents; however, the truth is that school uniforms are not more beneficial than free dress in schools.
The assertion by supporters of school uniforms that the introduction of school uniforms will significantly decrease criminal behavior and bullying amongst students is only partially true. Schools that experienced a decline in the criminal behavior or occurrence of bullying often overlook the effects of other environmental factors in their reports on the effectiveness of school uniforms. When examined closely, it was found that several schools actually implemented a series of additional policies in the time period shortly before or simultaneous to the adoption of school uniforms. A notorious example of the supposed benefits of school uniforms is the Long Beach Unified School District of California which greatly advocated the effect that the induction of school uniforms had on the schools in its district. However, after extensive examination, a study conducted by Drs. David L. Brunsma and Kerry A. Roquemore at the University of Notre Dame discovered that the conclusion reached by the district was faulty. Their results published in the The Journal of Educational Research revealed that the district had revised its content standards and received a $1 million dollar grant from the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation to make improvements in the...

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...lish his or her own originality.
Whether an individual chooses to wear blazers, skirts, ties, shorts, plain t-shirts, or sweats is not what is most important. The most important thing is that the choice is there to begin with.

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