Implementation of Efficient Channel Estimation Method Essay

Implementation of Efficient Channel Estimation Method Essay

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Adaptive Filter is a part of Digital signal system which is widely used in the modern communication system. The basic application of adaptive filter such as adaptive noise cancellation, channel equalization, system identification and adaptive beam forming. So its implementation is a great deal and that much important field in digital system world. As we know intersymbol interference (ISI) caused by the multipath in band limit frequency selective time dispersion channel distort the transmitted signal. In this paper we are concentrated on modifying the algorithm for the adaptive filter and proposed Modified Variable Step Size Leaky LMS (MVSS-LLMS) which improves the channel estimation in the noisy environment. Here we compare the results of our proposed algorithm with the LMS, RLS and VLLMS and represent that it improves in computational complexity and Bit Error Rate (BER).

Keywords: FPGA, Adaptive Channel Estimation, Adaptive filter, LMS algorithm
In this modern world, communication is the heart of the world. In future, the wireless communication systems will require the high data rate technologies as the demanding of high data rate services such as multimedia, voice etc. There are various modulation techniques that are require for transferring the data. However, for transferring large amount of data some new modulation schemes are requires. One of these new modulation technique is Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) [3]. Therefore, to meet this enormous demand of higher data rate and better coverage of wireless network, one approach is to increase the channel bandwidth over which the radio signal is transmitted. But this approach is not practically possible as the frequency spectrum is very expensive...

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K.Mayyas an

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