Essay on The Implementation Of Diversity Course

Essay on The Implementation Of Diversity Course

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Radloff (2007) published a study that proposed that the implementation of diversity course graduation requirements are causing sensitization to other cultural and racial experiences and this has an impact on the perceptions of African American from white Americans in issues related to rights, statuses and resources. Thus, the interaction of undergraduate students with diversity promotes racial understanding and improve the social dynamics.
The proposed at hypotheses that the diversity course exposure reduces racial prejudice and racism; and that the diversity course exposure will induce support for race-based policy. To test these hypotheses, the study used a web-based survey applied after the course started and before the course ended, which was considered a viable option since it was going to be applied to the university students, who had access to internet and a personal email account. The measurement was established through a scale where the students indicated if they agreed or disagree with the items proposed to them, and the answers were measured to reveal no racial prejudice or very high racial prejudice. 196 students accepted to participate in the study and 176 were selected to participate in it, because it was required that the participants were white in order to measure efficiently the relationship between white and black students.
The results were separated to measure differently students who came from small towns and rural areas, concluding that there are not differences in the levels of racism between students when starting the course and after completing it, and that the students did not reduce their levels of racism as a consequence of the course. The results also separated students who were taking a diversity cours...

... middle of paper ... based on negative stereotypes, and it was possible to prove that the explicit results were strongly related to the implicit measures of prejudice.
Michael A. Olson and Russell H. Fazio (2013) address the relation between two measures for racial prejudice: the Implicit Association Test (IAT), a technique that measures the association between two categories and two attributes; and a technique known as the Bona Fide Pipeline (BFP) that addresses Assesses the evaluation in response to a prime identifying how it contributes to the judgement of adjectives presented after these primes.
To determine this relation, the study compares the results of these techniques, applying them to four different groups of people, proving that despite the fact that both of these techniques are used to measured race related issues, studies have shown little correspondence between them.

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