Essay about Implementation Of An Erp System

Essay about Implementation Of An Erp System

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ERP system has become now common in many organisation to boost their business process. The organisation considers ERP systems as a mean to reduce the cost of production, increase the productivity and quality of service and there by the customer satisfaction. Implementing ERP in an organisation has become a long term and complicated process. Many risks are involved in the implementation of an ERP. Identifying this risk and mitigate it at the early stage can contribute to the success of the ERP implementation. This paper will focus on the case study of implementing an ERP system in 2Degrees. The study includes the business case, identifying the need of an ERP system in 2Degrees and benefits it can obtain from the system. It also suggests the suitable implementation plan identifying the risk involved and the suggestion of the steps to mitigate it.

2. Introduction

An organisation always looks for a cost reduction in running a business along with the increase in efficiency, productivity and the customer satisfaction. This can be achieved only through the success in their business process performances (Ziemba & Papaj, 2012). The application of business process in an effective way in an organisation requires information technology (IT) support (Taylor & Williams, 1991). Enterprises resource planning system (ERP) comes into the picture here. It helps in the best business process with the help of IT (Umble, Haft, & Umble, 2003). ERP system manages the company’s business process with the shared database system (Wong & Tein, 2003) which is integrated with different sections of the organisation like accounting, manufacturing, sales etc (Monk & Wagner, 2012). The expected result by an ERP implementation in an organisation is the cost reduc...

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...e and Accounting
Finance team looks after all the financial transactions of the organization like purchase of materials, payments from the customers, salary payments, setting budgets etc.
4.1.3 Accounting
Accounting team manages all the invoices to and from the organization. Managing all the bills also takes care the payment of taxes of the organization, employee tax payment etc.
4.1.4 Sales and Marketing
This department looks after the sales of the new products, advertisements in the Medias, setting up strategies for attracting potential customers, marketing of new products in the outlets etc.
4.1.5 Operations
Operation team manages all the technical and all-round operations of the organization. Once an order is placed by the sales department it goes to the operation management. They manages the effective delivery of the product and also its management and service.

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