Implementation Is The Process Of Putting A Program Essay

Implementation Is The Process Of Putting A Program Essay

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According to Dr. Michael Fullan (2016), implementation is the process of putting a program into practice new to the people attempting or expecting the change. Implementation is critical because it is the means of accomplishing the desired objectives. School officials must remember that change may take anywhere between two and four years to take place and should not give up on the plan early on if they do not see the desired results. An understandable implementation dip may occur when officials see a decline in anticipated outcomes before true success of the program is noticeable. Perseverance and patience are key when implementing a change in an organization and stakeholders must be willing to work collaboratively to push through difficult times when there is seemingly no achievement.
Once planning for the after-school program has occurred and stakeholders understand their role within the plan, implementation can take place. It strongly encouraged to put the after-school program into action at the beginning of the school year after students’ academic needs have been identified and surveys have been explored.
Once a curriculum has been established and written, it is suggested to provide the students, parents, and community with a schedule which will include daily, weekly, and monthly routines. This schedule may also include a time for celebrations and scheduled events. Children and parents like to know what to expect so an established routine is imperative. This schedule can also be sent to the local newspaper so that they can cover stories about guest speakers or field tips to share with the community. At the same time, the schedule must allow for flexibility. Throughout the year, students will need time...

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...o make sure the program is consistently meeting the needs of the whole child. The outcomes of any school change process must always focus on student learning and organization capacity (Fullen, 2016). Striving for these two goals will produce successful students and great teacher.
Another thing to remember during institutionalization process is the plan for the orientation and support of new staff and administrators who arrive after the implementation begins (Fullen, 2016). Too many times leaders forget this process, which will undermine the success of the continuation of the program. As the program continues, school leaders may see the need for professional development based on the needs of the students. Visiting schools with successful after-school programs are another venue school leaders may take when goals of the program are not meeting expectations.

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