The Implementation And Incorporation Of Healthy Eating Essay

The Implementation And Incorporation Of Healthy Eating Essay

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The implementation and incorporation of healthy eating is essential, especially amongst younger children who are prone to eating unhealthy foods because of their lack of knowledge on the importance of living active lifestyles and integrating nutritious food choices into daily meals. Schools play a large role in educating children on the importance of eating healthy, as children spend a large amount of time in school settings where lunch and snacks are primarily provided. Children being offered and presented with food items that lack nutritional value is frequent amongst many school systems, and this can greatly influence a child’s overall wellbeing and lack of interest in healthy eating. Early habits of unhealthy eating can lead to greater health affects amongst children as they grow, which is why it is significant that school lunches are improved in ways where children are becoming more accustomed to eating nutritious food items, while also learning more about why healthy eating is necessary in order to prevent health risks from occurring. As stated by state health experts, more than one third of children in South Dakota are overweight or obese (Bultena, 2015). Within South Dakota, many different health promotion programs have been implemented in school systems, and these programs allow children to receive educational information regarding healthy eating and why nutrition is imperative at a young age.

Harvest of the Month is a program used by parents, teachers, mentors, and childcare providers in many states, including South Dakota, and focuses on educating children about eating fruits and vegetables and the importance of living healthy, active lifestyles (Healthy South Dakota, 2016). Harvest of the Month connects to public hea...

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...nt of health amongst children, which is why it is necessary that school meals incorporate nutritious food options. Public Health 101: Healthy People-Healthy Populations states, “Education is strongly associated with better health. It may change health outcomes and increase longevity by encouraging behaviors that provide protection against disease and likewise reduce exposure to behaviors that put individuals at risk of disease (Riegelman and Kirkwood, 2015).” Properly educating children on the importance of health and nutrition is substantial in order to prevent future health risks from occurring amongst younger age groups. By involving children in health promotion activities and continuously implementing the importance of nutrition, children will become more educated on health and nutrition and follow a more positive direction towards proper growth and development.

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