Imperialism, Colonization and Racism Essay

Imperialism, Colonization and Racism Essay

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In the late 1800s many countries in Europe adopted the idea of Imperialism and sought to exploit outside resources to gain power. Places such as pre-colonial Africa and India, rich in cheap raw materials and other natural products, made them prime targets for countries seeking to increase their imperial power. These countries soon became the site of the “civilizing mission”, a movement similar to that of the conquests in Mesoamerica. It was Europe’s goal to colonize and develop Africa in a way that it was beneficial to their Empires. Colonization “forced peoples of different societies to deal with one another on a regular and systematic basis” which led to conflicts among people brought together artificially into multicultural societies” (Bently). This integration generated new identities for the Indigenous and Europeans alike destroying their cultures and self-worth. This new formation of identity developed into racism, and ultimately ended in the destruction of the Europeans “humanity” in the name of greed and power.
The formation of the European identity was important in subjugating the indigenous people. In the same way that the Europeans wanted to create cultural ideologies for the indigenous they had to create a new identity for themselves. In creating the “other”, which was the people to be colonized, the European had to recreate his own identity in direct opposition to that of the colonizer, one that is greater and more human. Steve Biko first mentions this concept in I Write What I Like. In this passage Biko attempts to explain the philosophy behind the Europeans hostile actions. He writes, “…the great plan is to keep the black people thoroughly intimidated and to perpetuate the “super race” image of the white man, ,.....

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...ccount for the moral and legitimacy of the nation, it has resulted in a loss of legitimacy and a subtle hatred in the individuals that are oppressed and alienated throughout the world. The Europeans “identity theft” has created a façade amongst the world; they continue to destroy themselves, their culture, and legitimacy for power and control

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