Imperialism And Its Influence On America Essay

Imperialism And Its Influence On America Essay

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Imperialism is the policy of a nation to expand its influence. Many nations throughout history have been affected by imperialism. In fact, America itself was greatly impacted by imperialism. In regards to the nineteenth- and twentieth-centuries, America was on the receiving end of imperialism, gaining many new territories. However, despite the allures of gaining new territories, there are several issues with imperialism. For example, when an imperialist nation takes over another country, there is always the chance that the native people will rebel.
In the 19th and 20th centuries America grew increasingly imperialistic. In definition, annexation is the gaining of political control over another country. For example, both Hawaii and the Philippines were annexed in this era. In the beginning, the United States saw Hawaii as a good stopping island in the Pacific between Asia and North America for refueling, not to mention Hawaii was an important center for production. However, Hawaii already had a ruler: Queen Liliuokalani. Unsurprisingly, the queen was against North American control of the islands. Out of greed, the Americans successfully revolted in 1893. Additionally, the Americans held Liliuokalani in her room asking for her to step down. However, she refused. It was not until her people were threatened, that she submitted. Hawaii eventually became a United States protectorate by virtue of economic treaty.
Next, is the annexation of the Philippines. In late 1898 Spanish and American negotiators met in Paris. The most difficult territory to deal with was the lush islands of the Philippines. In addition, President McKinley felt that it would be morally wrong to give islands to the Spanish to be misruled. Like any logical man, McKi...

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...Cuba, America now had to send several thousand troops to crush the rebellion. However, the Filipino rebels were not going down without a fight. The rebels eventually resorted to guerrilla warfare. In the end, rebels had taken the lives of 4,234 Americans and roughly 600,000 Filipinos lost their lives as well. One thing fueled this rebellion: the desire for liberty. The same situation that the early American settlers had dealt with, had found its way to the Philippines. A small nation that simply wanted freedom was being denied liberty by the superpower that owned it.
In conclusion, America in the nineteenth- and twentieth-centuries was very imperialistic. The allure of money and land was too strong for the magnificent nation. Consequently, this led to the heartless overthrowing of a benevolent queen, and the unexpected denial of liberty of a small developing nation.

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