Imperialism And Its Effects On America Essay

Imperialism And Its Effects On America Essay

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Not only did the United States benefit from their occupation of the Manila, the Filipinos benefitted as well. Often times, imperialism gets bad press. People often think of it only benefiting the countries that are colonizing new lands. It is seen a greed stricken idea, policy controlled by the the undesirable need to have as much as you can. When you look at the surface value of imperialism, this is a fair conclusion. At surface level, a rich country invades another country in order to get a hold of their resources, ports, and labor. When people think about imperialism now, often times, their mind travels to thoughts of the scramble for Africa. A time when imperialism was controlled by greed, and the natives paid a heavy price. However, the idea of imperialism is so much more than that, and there are examples of imperialism that benefitted both the colonizers and the colony. One of the those great examples, is the occupation of Manila by American forces from 1899-1902. During this time there were revolts, guerrilla fighting, deaths, and fear. Still, great things came from this occupation, not only for the United States, but for the Filipinos as well. Imperialism is a case by case study. Not all imperialism is good, and yet, not all imperialism is bad. The occupation of Manila is an example of good and beneficial imperialism.
The occupation was quickly marked as unsuccessful when you consider the insurrection of a group of Filipino nationals who wanted the American soldiers to leave. Prior to the insurrection Spain had control over the Philippines. The Battle of Manila Bay occurred between the two countries. After Dewy and the Americans defeated the Spanish, the Americans had control of the Philippines.1 Many of the Filipinos tho...

... middle of paper ... be beneficial. These established schools were very helpful to the Filipino people. Many of the natives that found themselves in poverty, looked at these schools as a way to become educated, and possibly find their way out of poverty.16
The best way to really understand these schools, is to read what the schools were like from a soldier who was also a teacher in these schools,
“Almost immediately after that portion of the island of Luzon included within a radius of about fifteen miles of Manila had become pacified, patriotic and humane officers, with the consent of the Military Governor, began to establish schools for the Filipino children, presided over by native teachers, who were assisted, so far as instruction in the English language was concerned, by soldiers detailed from the several commands stationed in the pueblos where these schools were opened.”17

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