Imperialism : A New Formation Of A Country Essays

Imperialism : A New Formation Of A Country Essays

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American Imperialism developed from the struggle of a new formation of a country in which had no influential power other than in Great Britain; into a massive leading, dominant and powerful American quest for empire. Imperialism is when a nation works to expand its power and influence. In America, imperialism was practice through expansion, control, specifically economically, and politically; whether or not through peaceable means. Throughout the years, imperialism is demonstrated as internal in which America transformed from expanding into the frontier by taking away land from others ,to external in conquering Spanish territories in the western hemisphere through military and economic means , and having complete influential power around the world externally in the northern hemisphere.
Before the end of Reconstruction concluded, imperialism was set to achieve southern independence, or imperialism for the union. The industrial and trade interests of the North had struggled against the agriculture interests of the South for control of the U.S. government. When the agriculture states of the South seceded, it left the northern states in total control of the U.S. government, but that was not enough. The northern politicians wanted control of the government and control of the South, so they waged a war to conquer the South.
Following the end of Reconstruction, American imperialism was emphasized through the Atlantic to the Pacific into what is known as manifest destiny. Imperialism was practiced through internal expansion. In this conquest for manifest destiny the step was westward expansion, specifically in regard to Americans taking Indian lands which undermined their sovereignty and pushed them to defeat. America was seeking to ga...

... middle of paper ... turning to Communism. The alliances were necessary for the improvement of the American vision for the future, in acting as political (democracy) and trade partners. Similar was the Truman Doctrine, an example of America modifying the political alignment of the world which was Europe, to make state of affairs helpful for itself to flourish, this is seen as the formation of Americas political empire
In conclusion throughout the decades American imperialism transformed from an internal focus into an external one. Expanding our culture inside the country into other nations, creating an international economy with the use of military power and influencing our political views while the means of getting control to other territories. Our dominance was due to the tactics of imperialism evolving from homes strategies into a prominent that gets involved for our own benefit.

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