Essay about The Impacts of the Black Death

Essay about The Impacts of the Black Death

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The Black Death was a devastating plague that attacked Europe during the fourteenth century. There are three main types of plagues that affect different areas of the body. These three main types of plagues are septicemic plague affecting the blood vessels, pneumonic plague affecting the lungs, and bubonic plague which affects the lymph nodes. The Black Death is a bubonic plague because it affects the lymph nodes just as the other bubonic plagues do. To fully understand the severity of the Black Death, Bubonic and other plagues, the impact on humanity, and the events of the disease will be discussed. (Trueman, n.a.)
The Black Death has had three major outbreaks to strike humanity, but has surfaced multiple times in the past. The very first outbreak to be recorded was The Plague of Justinian, which was present during the sixth and seventh century CE. This first outbreak marked the way for other bubonic plagues to come later in time. As thought to be by historical descriptions and recordings, it was thought that as much as 40% of Constantinople’s population had died from The Black Death. Modern historical researchers estimate that about half of the European population died from this plague before it ceased to exist for the time being which was 700 CE.
The Plague was brought to Justinian by travelers from China and had spread by either the Silk Road or by ship. The Black Death had many European peasants, farmers, and other people in the lower class, panic stricken and scared for their lives. The peasants started revolting against their landlords. (Plague, n.a.) The rioting of the lower class led to the Peasants Revolt of 1381. A major factor of this revolt was the lack of any medical knowledge on the plague and how to protect agai...

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...ortage of goods and inflation started becoming a real problem. Since there were not enough laborers, mainly from either dying from the plague or trying to escape it, merchants charged extremely high prices. The government even tried stepping in to lower the rising fees to rates previous to the outbreak. (Giblin, 22)
Although there is still no official cure for bubonic plague, it is definitely not as big as a problem as it was in the fourteenth century. The best solution to dealing with the plague that should have been done but wasn’t would have been to space out living spaces. All in all The Black Death is by far the worst disease in human history with the highest death toll and other casualties. This plague sparked much fear, religion, and inspiration to all humans, infected or not. The Black Death was deadly and eye opening for all whom experienced it’s horrors.

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