Impacts of Not Preserving Net Neutrality: Tiered Internet Service Essay

Impacts of Not Preserving Net Neutrality: Tiered Internet Service Essay

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Impacts of Not Preserving Net Neutrality: Tiered Internet Service

Net Neutrality is the principle that Internet users should be able to access any web content or use any application without restriction or limitation from their internet service provider [1]. Net neutrality can be further broken down into four core concepts as described by Daniel J. Weitzners, non-discriminatory routing of packets, user control choice over service levels, ability to create and use new services and protocols without approval of network operators and nondiscriminatory peering of backbone network [1]. A tiered internet service is a structure that allows user to choose and pay for the amount of bandwidth that best suits their need [2].
This paper is organized at follows, Section 2 discusses the background and history of net neutrality. Section 3 talks about tiered internet service and the arguments for and against it. Section 4 talks about the global consequences of net neutrality. Section 5 of this paper goes into an ethical analysis of tiered services.
In December 2005, 98 percent of broadband service stated that they had an interest in providing a multi-tiered internet service to user and also expressed desire to charge content providers more money for preferential access to their broadband service. As a result many content providers protested for a neutral internet, one that does not discriminate. Their effort led to the debates about net neutrality and a way to legislate and prevent ISP’s from creating a multi-tiered internet service [1]. The term net neutrality is coined by Professor Tim Wu, of Columbia University [3]. In 2010 the FCC created regulations for the “Open Internet”, these ruled prohibite...

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