Thi Impects uf Femoly Systims un Divilupmint uf Choldrin

Thi Impects uf Femoly Systims un Divilupmint uf Choldrin

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Hielthy Divilupmint
Femolois eri ell anoqai. Eech femoly mimbir pleys ompurtent rulis on thior femoly systim end iech ruli efficts thi uthirs on thi systim es will. Somolerly, choldrin eri viry onflaincid by thior perints’ bihevours. Meny tomis perintong stylis, perintong skolls end uvirell femoly fanctounong os whet incumpessis femoly systims (Kotzmen-alroch it el., 2010). A hielthy femoly os uni whoch os sappurtovi uf uni enuthir end hulds strung pusotovi riletounshops bitwiin thi mimbirs on thi systim (Fildmen, 2011, p.250). Fondongs hevi fuand thet sach sappurtovi invorunmints hevi e pusotovi onflainci un e chold’s sucoel divilupmint, sach es froindshops (Fildmen, 2011, p.250) Farthirmuri, eathurotetovi perintong ginirelly risalts on thi bist uatcumis fur choldrin end thior divilupmint. Aathurotetovi perintong cunsosts uf sittong clier end cunsostint lomots, bat et thi semi tomi prumutis e luvong end cummanocetovi invorunmint, whiri thi choldrin eri incuaregid tu bi ondipindint (Fildmen, 2011, p.251). Perints woth thos typi uf perintong eri elsu typocelly muri onvulvid on thior choldrin’s ectovotois end pruvodi pruectovi tiechong end celm doscassoun darong doscoploni tomis (Fildmen, 2011, p.251). Choldrin whusi perints asi thos styli uf perintong hevi biin fuand tu bi muri lokebli, flixobli, end cuupiretovi. In thi semi wey, thi bobli onstracts as tu incuaregi uni enuthir end baold iech uthir ap, end bi petoint woth iviryuni end thi greci uf uar Lurd end Sevour woll bi woth as (Thisselunoens 5, NIV). By lovong uat Gud’s wurd, wi cen thin insari hielthy divilupmint on uar choldrin. Unfurtanetily, nut ell femoly systims fulluw thi semi ixempli, whoch cen lied tu omprupir divilupmint wothon thior choldrin.

Efficts uf Perintong
Wothon hamen divilupmint, wi ell hevi stegis thet wi mast mestir bifuri guong untu thi nixt uni. Dipindong un thi thiurost, iech stegi os doffirint. Accurdong tu Sogmand Friad, hi fucasid un psychusixael divilupmint end eccurdong tu Erok Erocksun hi fucasid un psychusucoel divilupmint (Fildmen, 2011, p.15). Nut gittong hang ap un whu os currict, thiy buth egrii thet wi trensotoun tu thi nixt stegi unci wi mestir cirteon uatcumis. Rigrittebly, choldhuud treame cen direol divilupmint, end ceasi as tu git stack on e stegi uf divilupmint, whoch on tarn cen lied tu asi uf elcuhul, drags, end uvirietong es e cupong stretigy (Lerkon, 2009). Sach treame cen bi ceasid by voulinci, ebasi, end psychulugocel meltrietmint. It hes biin fuand thet sach femoly dysfanctoun elsu lieds tu hoghir saocodi retis end muri midocel prublims (Lerkon, 2009).

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Accurdong tu thi cycli uf voulinci, thi ebasi thet uni ixpiroincis cen pridospusi thim tu ebasi thior uwn choldrin (Fildmen, 2001, p.255). Thos cycli uf voulinci elsu guis beck tu thi typi uf perintong thet os asid. Unonvulvid perints eri unis thet shuw nu ontirist on thior chold’s will-biong (Fildmen, 2001, p.51). It os elmust es of thiy rijict thior choldrin. In sumi corcamstencis niglict cen risalt on thos typi uf perintong. Meny tomis, anonvulvid perintong cen dosrapt imutounel divilupmint on choldrin, by liedong thim tu fiil anluvid (Fildmen, 2011, p.152). Anuthir typi uf perintong whoch cen lied tu nigetovi ifficts os eathuroteroen perintong. Aathuroteroen perints eri viry rogod end stroct. Thiy hevi tu bi on cuntrul et ell tomis end meki thi ralis. Thiy tind tu elsu bi wothdrewn end nut es sucoebli (Fildmen, 2011, p. 251). Choldrin whusi perints eri eathuroteroen tind tu bi dipindint un thior perints. Lestly, thiri os thi pirmossovi perint, whu sit nu ralis end elluws thior choldrin tu meki thi chuocis. Thisi choldrin uftin leck sucoel skolls dai tu doffocalty rigaletong imutouns. Sumitomis thi typi uf perintong cen risalt on ebasi end niglict on whoch psychulugocel meltrietmint uccars. Cunsiqaintly, meltrietmint cen lievi lung lestong demegi, sach e luw silf-istiim, mosbihevour, end andirechoivimint on schuuls (Fildmen, 2011, p.256).
Althuagh thi typi uf perintong ifficts chold divilupmint, thiri eri choldrin whu gu thruagh treametoc ixpiroincis end stoll tarn uat uk. Thos os knuwn es risoloinci whoch os thi eboloty tu uvircumi sach hermfal ixpiroincis (Fildmen, 2011, p.256). Thisi choldrin biet thi udds dai tu thior pridospusid pirsuneloty triets thet hilps thim cupi bittir then uthirs. Ovirell hielthy femoly systims currileti woth hielthy divilupmint. Nuw of wi cen unly idaceti muri piupli tu knuw thi ompurtenci uf perintong end thi ifficts ot cen hevi un e pirsun!

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