Impacts of Eating Disorders Essay

Impacts of Eating Disorders Essay

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This is the change of eating habits of a person from the normal behaviour or behaviour characterised by abnormal eating habits. This include: anorexia nervosa which is the fear of gaining weight; bulimia where one eats lots of food then later on goes out and vomits; obesity, this is charactered by eating lots of food that contain cholesterol and are unhealthy thus increase in weight and compulsive eating, where one is unable to control what they eat and how much they eat. This change of eating behaviour is caused by negative self image, images presented by the media and sometimes family pressure and one’s genetic or biological composition. The end result is that one suffers from malnutrition, kidney failure, brain damage, loss of bone mass and the shrinking of the heart muscle.

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Eating disorders pose a threat to our health as this may affect our body mechanism and how effective they can be. When we exhibit improper eating habits, our body metabolism tends to adjust to suite the current conditions we are exposing them to in order to provide the required nutrients to the body. If we have less amounts of food compared to what we were having before then the body adjusts itself in order to convert the little we have eaten and make it available to all organs so that they can perform their respective functions and vice versa. The body requires energy in order to carry out this functions and if that energy provided is insufficient or more than the required amount, then the b...

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...nd us and encourage those who are suffering from this disorder that there is a better and more healthy way to stay fit and maintain a positive self image without necessarily having to starve ourselves in order to look great. It is our responsibility to ensure that adolescent get the support they need and encouragement to boost their self esteem because apparently that is what is making them give in to eating disorders. Most people are not aware that they are suffering from eating disorders until they get to the extreme point of death. The importance of these research is to point out the seriousness of the matter and address is as it is because most people are now becoming afraid to speak out mostly because they too exhibit such behaviours

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