Impacts of Christianity on Rwandan Culture: Before, During and after the Genocide

Impacts of Christianity on Rwandan Culture: Before, During and after the Genocide

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Impacts of Christianity on Rwandan Culture: Before, During and after Genocide
Rwandan culture has been impacted by the introduction of Christianity to its
culture. Christianity has brought both positive and negative effects before during and
after Genocide. Ideologies brought upon by early civilization of the Belgian , churches
and forced colonization and later identification, were events that warped Rwanda and
prepared it for genocide. Although, it would be unjust to state churches did not serve a
beneficiary, as the Rwandan people learned an element of forgiveness, after genocide
that was shaped by religion. Christianity in the end provided the Rwandan people with
a policy of forgiveness, although events beforehand and during the genocide serve to
prove Rwanda would have been left better off without the impact of colonization. Is this
situation justified if the country benefitted immensely in the aftermath? Or were the early
effects to extreme to ever be tolerated or justified?
Colonization by both the Germans and Belgium's outlined religion in, the country of Rwanda.Early colonization by the belgians and Germans brought few changes to the landscape of rwanda.Although religious views such as Roman Catholicism were instilled upon the culture of Rwanda.These religious views broke the already existing tribal affiliated and indigenous views of the early people.The growing fascination among Europeans drove the Belgians to change the government in Rwanda.To change the goveremnt in Rwanda, the Belian sused religion to gain piower in goverment.The people in power (those of the Roman Catholic Church due to colinization) placed the Tutsi in power in the goverment,and left the Hutus to farm land.The determinination of who was in power we...

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...more. The effects of Roman Catholism proved to leave Rwanda with both possitive an neggatve effects upon the culture.Tp weigh out the particular outcome, and compare the morals given by the Church Post Gwenocide to the lack of morals pre genocide are topics that need to be compared with care, and without bias.It is clear thta the negatve effects of genocide are majority, and also could be complete cause of the genocideThe other sid to this is that rwanda is a model society,a society that values forgivness before anything else..Although, it is possible that some opinions may side with the later, the facts ptove that the negative effects of Catholism overpower the possitive, although is is only a matter of opinion when asking which would have been more benificary. A model society shaped by christian morals? or a society untouched with a future that can not be foreseen?

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