Essay on The Impact on People of Irish Ethnicity Living in Britain

Essay on The Impact on People of Irish Ethnicity Living in Britain

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Over the course of the past few centuries, the racialization and treatment of the Irish people in Britain has changed dramatically. This is due in part, to the paradigm surrounding the dynamic and fluctuating relationship between both nations. From the colonization, subjugation and simeonization of the Irish people, as British subjects, during the eighteenth and nineteenth century; through to the dichotomy created around the question for the British government of, what to do with the Irish?, arising from the formation of the Irish Free State and further compounded by the subsequent Irish withdrawal from the commonwealth, during the time surrounding the formation of the Irish Republic in 1949. Subsequently, Irish people living in Britain were now newly perceived as ‘White’, and carelessly assimilated by ‘forced inclusion’, into a newly constructed and imagined homogenized British society, arising from the aftermath of WWW II (Hickman 1998). This paper intends, through the use of the historical element of the Sociological Imagination, to examine the impact of racialization on the ethnic Irish communities living in Britain. First, the essay will define and elaborate the concepts of ‘race’ and ‘racialization’, and the relevance of this concept to ethnic groups. The paper will then continue by examining the mechanisms by which the Irish were racialization, paying particular attention to the kinds of characteristics attributed to the Irish over the years. The essay will then elaborate on the findings from sociological research conducted around the impact of racialization on British residents of an Irish ethnic background, and their experiences through the manifestations of anti-Irish racism on an institutional and personal level.

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