Impact Of World War One On Indian Nationalism Essay

Impact Of World War One On Indian Nationalism Essay

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The impact of world war one was very much a significant out turn to Indian nationalism to an undoubted extent. Nonetheless, there were many other factors that had led up to the rise in nationalism with the help of rising leaders such as Ghandi and Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Nationalism is a form of patriotism based upon the identification of individuals within a nation. This can likewise be said for the people of India as many people had an intense desire for independence from the British rule. They had come to realise that the ways the British had been treating people were cruel and monstrous. This had almost left India ungovernable and in a state of anarchy.
Many Indians supported Britain and the war effort at the start of the war in 1914 could have been because they had been influenced by the western civilisation. They had seen that they very much related to the Europeans, which made them realise that relations with other European countries attainable. This had sparked an increase in democracy, freedom, liberalism and nationalism causing them to understand that they were all fighting ...

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